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Your Team for Garage Cable Repair in Tulare County, CA

A garage door is a large, heavy machine, so working on it always comes with risks. When you need solutions for your garage door, turn to the professionals at Ruddy’s Garage Door Repair & Service. We handle all types of needs, including garage cable repair in Tulare County, CA.

Your garage door lift cables serve an important purpose. They hold the spring tension that counterbalances the door’s weight, which is what makes it possible for the massive door to lift relatively easily. Due to the nature of their role, these cables are under extreme pressure and may eventually break or slip.

No matter what happens to your cable, you can count on our crew to repair it or replace it as necessary. We also work on the other types of cable involved in operating your garage door, so let us know if you ever experience an issue. Our team has the right tool to handle any garage door problem safely.

Keep the Outdoors Out

Your garage is constantly exposed to the elements, which is why garage weather stripping is so important. Weather stripping products are designed to withstand everything from bad weather and extreme temperature changes to typical wear and tear.

By weatherproofing your garage door, you seal it off from the outdoors, reducing the amount of moisture your garage interior receives and warding off intense heat and chills. Likewise, you need reliable weather stripping to protect the items in your garage from damage.

Count on our crew to protect your garage and its contents. We use trusted materials and take the time to ensure the job is done right. Call today to learn more about the benefits of weather stripping and our proven process.

A Solid Seal for Your Garage Door

Installing the right roller door seal is also an important part of weatherproofing. Since your garage door is always going up and down, you need a seal that facilitates movement while also keeping the outside out. We install a dependable seal around each side of your roller door for the best protection possible.

Are your garage door’s weatherproofing features looking worn? Do you see visible damage? We’re happy to replace them for you so you can enjoy more protection than ever before. Reach out to our team to learn more about our various repair solutions and weatherproofing services. We’re proud to service all garage door styles and models.

Contact us for further information on our professional repair services for garage doors. We proudly serve homeowners throughout Tulare County, California.